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Hello, it's me.

hey there, i’m leighanne and i would love to collaborate with you. i want to learn more about what makes you, you. i want to articulate your vision for your brand, your music, your artistry with powerful images. let’s work together & create something new, fresh, and so authentically you.

I am a Boston native. 

I am a diehard Red Sox fan.

I adore my pitbull Eva - she has her own hashtag (#EvaVStheWorld)

I have an unwavering desire to travel the whole world.

I have an unnatural disdain for all things broccoli related.

I wish I enjoyed cleaning (particularly dishes).

I can bake one really great pie. 

I love color and natural window light.

I love writing in lists.

I cherish reading and watching Harry Potter.

I crave raspberry + lemon anything

I love to play hearts (or any card game for that matter).

I <3 good TV (Stranger things, The OA, Sherlock, GOT, West World, TWD, Black Mirror)

I enjoy using #ironic #hashtags.

I will always have extra bobby pins with me.

I want to make you laugh!

I will dance at your wedding (you can’t stop me).

I like when people are vulnerable enough to be themselves.

I think we are only "starving artists" when we starve ourselves from collaboration.

I want to photograph life's most beautiful and personal adventures.

I, more than anything, want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera.

I am eager to make you feel your most beautiful.

I am excited to tell your story through images.

I will make you look GOOD.