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Evan / a musican / a singer-songwriter / a producer

February 2016

Evan Michael Green is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught producer. Working with Evan is always a unique creative process. Each time we've collaborated he brings a distinct vision to our sessions - he's a true renaissance man. You can listen to his music here and check out his visuals here.

From Evan:

"The work I did with you essentially launched my brand without me even realizing it. I got feedback from my fans about how ridiculous(ly good) my visuals were and getting that feedback shocked me - considering my very first photoshoot was done in that alley by Fenway and I was such an amateur but you made me feel like the rockstar I've grown into today. I'll never forget how nervous I was to shoot but you made it so natural that by the time it was over, I felt like a pro. I've done countless video and photoshoots since then and my confidence has grown immensely but I can honestly say that if it wasn't for that first incredible experience with you, I may not have made it this far into my artistry. At the time of the photoshoot I had one unreleased cover and no platform whatsoever and now I'm a month away from releasing my debut EP. A photo that you took still sits as my profile pic on my fan page that has grown to almost 17,000 strong because it still and will forever resonate the beginning of Evan Michael Greene"